Carolann Castillo's Profile

Coldwell Banker Commercial Arnold and Associates

Carolann Castillo is a driven and dedicated young professional making her mark as a commercial real estate agent at Coldwell Banker Commercial Arnold and Associates (CBCAAA). With a background in management and negotiations, she combines her diverse skill set with ethical and sustainable practices. Castillo's experience in the hospitality and business sectors, including managing a multi-million-dollar restaurant, has honed her skills in management, negotiations, and relationship-building. Growing up in a family deeply rooted in commercial real estate, she learned the importance of knowledge, competency, and integrity. Joining CBCAAA in Southeast Texas, Castillo serves as a sales agent and Business & Finance Administrator, collaborating on negotiations, managing contracts, and marketing properties. Her multifaceted abilities and dedication to excellence make her invaluable to the organization, and she is poised to leave a lasting impact. Beyond her professional aspirations, Castillo cherishes her role in the community and is committed to ethical practices, bringing a unique perspective to the industry.

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